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Video Date Duration
Coffee Break: Haslett-Okemos Rotary Hero Luncheon  Jan 26, 2018 11m 03s
Coffee Break: Will Goodale Memorial  Dec 22, 2017 24m 26s
Coffee Break: Walk for the Animals  Sep 22, 2017 18m 25s
Coffee Break: Alzheimer’s Association   Sep 18, 2017 13m 29s
Small Talk Fundraiser  Sep 18, 2017 15m 26s
Coffee Break: American Heart Walk  Sep 05, 2017 13m 07s
Coffee Break: Harris Nature  Jul 13, 2017 11m 31s
Coffee Break: Lansing 5:01  Jun 26, 2017 16m 43s
Coffee Break: Bike's Books  May 11, 2017 09m 48s
Coffee Break: St. Vincent Catholic Charities   Apr 21, 2017 26m 39s

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