News Conferences Video(s) - City of Austin, TX Video Archive
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Video Date Duration
Coffee Break: Meridian Cares  Nov 29, 2018 07m 34s
Coffee Break: Small Voices Big Heroes Event with Alex Brace  Oct 05, 2018 16m 35s
Coffee Break Alzheimer’s Walk Lansing 2018  Sep 18, 2018 11m 30s
Will Goodale Memorial Kickball 2018  Aug 15, 2018 29m 28s
Coffee Break Lansing 501  Jun 19, 2018 14m 06s
Coffee Break CADL  May 02, 2018 14m 17s
Coffee Break: MSU Safe Place-Race for the Place 5K  Apr 10, 2018 11m 57s
Coffee Break: TJ Duckett Interview  Apr 09, 2018 12m 12s
Coffee Break: Women’s History Month-Caitlyn Perry Dial  Mar 22, 2018 10m 50s
Coffee Break: Chinese New Year  Feb 20, 2018 15m 20s

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