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Video Date Duration
Open Line: Jail Millage  Jun 21, 2018 57m 06s
Open Line: Marijuana in Michigan  May 31, 2018 59m 11s
Open Line: Suicide Prevention  May 03, 2018 59m 26s
Open Line: Opioid Crisis  Apr 19, 2018 58m 38s
Open Line: Michigan's Crumbling Infrastructure  Apr 06, 2018 58m 25s
Open Line: Gun Violence - When is Enough, Enough?  Mar 15, 2018 57m 08s
Open Line: Sexual Assault  Mar 02, 2018 59m 46s
Open Line: No-Fault Insurance  Aug 11, 2017 59m 46s
Open Line: Meridian Police and Fire Protection Millage  Jun 30, 2017 55m 30s
Open Line: Domestic Violence Sep 18, 2014 00m 00s

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